Friday, 3 January 2014

Bismillahi-rahmani-rahim semoga dipermudahkan dan diberkati

Everyday, more and more people found their turning point. More and more people desire for Islam and seek his hidayah. Could it be that we are the generation mentioned in this words ' Suatu hari nanti, Islam yang terasing akan kembali tidak terasing". Could it be that this phrase is referring to us? Looking back, Sami Yusuf, used to known as Cat Stevens had found his turning point years before.. and nowdays, more and more Malaysian artist changed. I didn't realize when and who is the first Malaysian artist that started to change. However, as more and more start to follow usrah classes, wearing hijab and joined Islamic talk as well as Islamic concert for charity and donation I start to think that could it be possibly we are the starting generation? The starting generation in which will make Islam spread whole and prosperous in each corner of world? Even a friend that I used to known 4 years back, had changed sooo much since the first time I knew her. How I admire her strength and determination. Subhanallah His is the most almighty and merciful.

When will it be MY turning point? When will I start to really really became His faithful servant and not just a muslim born as Islam. A true servant of Him should practice all of His dictation and leave all His prohibition and always have Allah in his/her heart. Which I am not.. :(

When will it be my turning point... 'Hidayah, perlu dinanti atau dicari?' Ya Allah, guide me, give me strength and consistency in the Islam path. Don't take your hidayah once You have given it to me Dear Allah because i am just a forgetful, ungrateful and weak human.

Friday, 1 February 2013

I see You

Hello and hi uolsss...wassup??? Hope all are in great shape and health. It's semester break and everyone keeps posting on facebook how they are always hungry and craving to put something in their mouth just for the sake of chewing. There is also couple of them that able to muster some strongwill and going to gym. Well done girls and please do try to keep it up thoroughout the whole holiday....But hey hey hey, that is not exatly the thing that I want to share.
I have been staying at home for wellllll about 4 to 5 days I guess and I'd already finished watching 4 seasons of Gossip Girl.!!! Crap.... Now what should I do to burn the time. But hey guys, watching that movie, I was touched when I heard a a song of Mika's I see You. And yes, of course as usual I make some effort to do some browsing at Mr. Youtube and vuoooallaaa !!! I totally fall in love with his song. Bits of romance and yet refreshing, hohoho. Yes, I now it's so damn cheesy but wait till u heard it yourself and the part of where Blair and Chuck together in the movie while this song was played might had something to do with ME LOVING this SONG ^^
Now guys, will all my grace, do enjoy the song. Till then, xoxo gossip girl . . .

Monday, 12 November 2012



When I was still a student in high school, I came across a series of novel. It is about several aliens landed on earth and how they blend in with human. They have several abilities that help them to survive. One of it is the ability to go into people's dreams. Basically, they can walk into anyone dream and they can even manipulate the dream to influence that person's subconscious mind. What fascinated me the most is how the writer describes the dream world with many sphere bubbles floating representing people's dream. Sometimes those bubbles merge together and that is why people dreams of someone else or reason why the dream suddenly makes a 180 degree shifting. It keeps me wondering, what is dream? Why we dream? Is it true dream revealing our subconscious mind or our unfinished task as people often said?
A lecturer of mine once explain what is dream, but her explanation only makes me wondering more about dream. Dreams are so abstract that it is hard to explain, even scientist does not have solid answer for dream.
According to my lecturer, a dream is a picture in our head that appears when we are sleeping. Usually whatever we dream is related some way to our life and something that has happened or is going to happen, it can show us our feeling about certain things. But it still doesn't explain why; for example, I sometimes keep dreaming of a particular person? Does this means I have something had happened or going to happen with that person or I just miss that person?
When we are still kids, we dream something bad or scary and wake up our parents in the middle of the night, our mum would tuck us in and said, 'Husshhh, don't cry. It was only a dream'. But who know, maybe that bad dream actually means we were being disturb by some unexplainable entity?
What about nice dream? Dream that so nice we wake up with a big smile plastered on our face and make our day perfect? Does it also, ' It was only a dream'???

 Nevertheless, in early stage of human, dreams is what that help babies to developes their minds and in adult stage, dreams reflect our days as well as our emotion and hidden desire. More or less, dream is an important mechanism for us to rest; by deleting unimportant memories and saving important one. Thus people outhere, lets dream, relax and enjoy it....   >.<

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tun Siti Hasmah

Yesterday my friends and I, we went out to watch Tun Siti Hasmah's Theater at Istana Budaya. My second times going there after more than two years. Phewwhhh... Well, the first time I set foot there was while joining Kembara Anak Seni, a program by Sekretariat Kebudayaan Kolej Kedua UPM.
It's a wonderful experience watching theater and it is what that pulls me again. The first theater that I watched was Tun Mahathir, about the life of the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia also the man that I admire for his wisdom and brilliant thought. If not because of him and His blessing, our country probably would never achieve what we achieve now.
Ok, back to yesterday, we could considered it as our super-duper lucky day because actually, we booked tickets for upper circle with price of RM30 but then we were upgraded to the 3rd row seat in front of the stage. I was like, WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK !!!
I could actually watch Lisa Surihani cutely dancing and laughing in front of me and Eja standing strong and firm supporting his husband directly in front of me!!!.... Both Lisa and Eja play as Tun Hasmah and they both did it well.
Watching their performance was like watching souls suddenly being breath in into them making their acting looks so real, their pain and their joyness were greatly felts by audience. I loves their dancing, their settings, their costumes and most of all I loves the actors for being able to lit up the feeling inside of me. When Tun Hasmah was sad because his husband being accused of 'Pengkhianat Bangsa', her sadness also crawled into me making my heart also ached. This theater gave me some inside of their life, how they both met and falls in love, how they struggled to help our people and in the same time balancing their family. They give me wonderful inspiration to be stronger yet nicer and tender to others at the same time. Overall, it was a great performance and really worth it. I strongly recommend others to go there and watch a theater for yourself and you'll straight away falls in love with theater. Congratulation to the director and actors and also everyone involves in producing a great theater. It was awesome. You guys are awesome.
The actors :)
ITS ME >.<
Me & Iba
The front door
Tun Hasmah ( Lisa)- her student life
a family scene


Friday, 7 September 2012

Ntah Larrr....

Sekarang ni Minggu Perkasa Putra atau lebih dikenali sbg MOU iaitu minggu orientasi universiti Putra Malaysia. Satu progam yang sgt bermakna saya kira kerana ia adalah kali kedua saya menyertai MOU cuma bezanya kali ini saya melaluinya selaku seorang fasilitor yang diamanahkan untuk menjaga kebajikan, keselamatan dan membantu pelajar baharu untuk menyesuaikan diri dgn suasana di Kolej Kedua dan UPM. Hati saya terdetik untuk menulis entry kali ini saat perasaan sdg bercelaru dan dlm keadaaan kurang sihat. saya selsema,sakit tekak, batuk,badan panas dan susah bernafas. and it's the 7th day already since the registration day,1 September 2012.

Wuwuwuw,  kecian nyer saya kannn..:(

Tapi faktor utama saya tulis ni sbb tadi sy terpaksa ke hadapan untuk slot Eksekutif Disiplin. Susah taw jd Eks, Disiplin ni... Hhhhrmm, sgt x suka marah dyorg sbb dyorg xde la terok sgt da lps1st time kena marah ritu.. Yerrrrr betul, untuk kali pertama sesi high mood tu mmg saya sgt setuju. Then tadi Eks,disiplin di jemput skali lagi untuk sesi disiplin sbb ramai fasi komplen bdk2 ni kurang budi bahasa. But still that's not the problem. The problem here is when other fasi which are not from disciplinary executive start to interfere in my slot. So, i just do what  Abg Abi, Kak Nur and I had decided which is only the 3 of us and including Abg Bond are alllowed to talk. Pastu dah tgh demam2 badan panas ni org masuk la Bilik MTM konon nk rehat tp tetibe ternanges plak...Ouchh,malu +_+

So kat sini nk ckp sebenarnya saya bangga dan ikhlas bekerja untuk dyorg even when sometimes they are such a pain in the ass(hehe,sorry but it's true la) but as a sister,I'm hoping the best for them...Cewaahhh, feeling cam mak2 jap.
Haha, when  I read again what i'd wrote, i can't find what actually are my point but lantak la ni kan blog aku
so  kesah la ape pun aku ramble kan, kan kan..Hahaha, ok skg da xsedeh da.

Ohhh, jap3 sikit g nk tambah...Saya happy bekerjasama dgn Abg Abi n Kak Nur, tenkiu and may we all always healthy and under His blessing. Bubye ^^

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

dear son from daddy ^^

This is an interesting article that i copied from someone blog and pasted it in my blog... i like this article because it's actually is about a dad giving some advice to his son but in a fun way. Enjoy the article ^^

Dear Son(s) 

Due to the activeness of your mother and I, maybe, you gonna have a lot of brothers and sisters. If that burdens you like hell, I am so sorry for it. Well, your mother and I is completely in love and 'that' is completely out of our control. Lagi pun, Mama kamu comel sangat. So, setiap hari, malam pertama lah jawabnya.

Dear Son(s)

Tahukah kamu bahawa kaum kita adalah amat tidak boleh dipercayai? Dengan itu, sila lah perhatikan adik-adik perempuan kamu. Jangan sekali-kali kamu bagi mereka keluar dengan mana-mana lelaki bullshit. Kalau nak keluar juga, pastikan bukan berdua. Kamu sebagai abang, kamu mesti ikut dieorang. Perhatikan that guy. All the time. Non stop. Not even a second. Dan pastikan yang kamu sentiasa membawa baseball bat bersama. Just in case.. You know...

Dear Son(s)

Jangan menonton video lucah. I know. I know it is good and everybody watching it. Tapi, apa salahnya kalau kamu boleh jadi seperi Papa yang tak pernah menonton citer blue. Ingat best sangat ke tengok cerita macam tu? Balik-balik buat benda sama. Balik-balik buat benda sama. Bosan betul. Tak ada perkembangan langsung. Kan?

Dear son(s)

Papa berharap, bila besar nanti, kamu akan jadi baik macam Papa. Papa baik tau. Dah la baik, setia pulak tu. Dengan itu, jikalau kamu nampak gadis-gadis comel yang tunggu bas di waktu yang panas, apa salahnya kalau kamu tumpangkan dia sekali. Kalau dalam bas dan kamu ternampak ada gadis comel tengah berdiri, apa salahnya kalau kamu menyuruhnya untuk duduk di tempat kamu. Kita sebagai makhluk unik, limited dan terpelihara, kita mestilah tunjukkan teladan terhadap kaum-kaum yang satu lagi tu. Maklum lah, kaum satu lagi tu lembik. Tapi comel. Yeah I know. I like it.

Dear son(s)

Girl-girl zaman Papa tu semua berjenis-jenis yang ada. Zaman kamu Papa tak tahu lah pula. Tapi, Papa harap kamu pandai-pandai lah pilih isteri-isteri kamu. Yang suka main tepung di muka (make up 5 inci) tu, awal-awal kamu reject lah. Kamu mesti tak nak kahwin dengan perempuan bertopengkan tepung kan? Tau tak tepung tu lama-lama jadi apa? Ya, jadi daki. Kamu tentu tak nak kahwin dengan gadis banyak daki kan? 

Kalau kamu nak keluar dengan mana-mana awek pun, tak der hal. Papa on jer. Tak kisah pun. Nak Papa teman kan pun tak apa. Tapi dengan satu syarat. awek tu mesti bukan murah lagi bukan mudah di dekati. Cari lah awek yang susah nak tackle sikit. Baru lah ada adventure. Tengok macam Papa. Ingat senang ke nak tackle Mama kamu tu? Susah tau. Maklum lah, Mama kamu tu artis. Berlakon dalam Adamaya. Dah lah berlakon, jadi duta Lip-Ice-Mentolatum-what-I-have-no-idea pulak tu. Memang banyak ah saingan Papa. Tapi Papa stready je. Papa relax-relax je.

Dear Son(s) 

Cuba kamu bayangkan. Ingat best ke bila kita nampak awek yang comel, then kenyit-kenyit sikit dah dapat no phone. Tak ada adventure langsung. Mesti cepat bosan. Bak kata orang, tak ada drama. Well, ingat pesan Papa. "Cinta; susah datang, susah pergi." So, kalau nampak awek yang priceless tu, jangan cepat give up. Perempuan ni biasalah. Suka jual mahal. Bajet ah nak tengok kesungguhan si lelaki. Kang sekali lelaki tu give up, mula lah si perempuan menangis tanpa sebab. Mengada-ngada.

Oh oh lagi satu. First date, kena buat kat rumah. Papa nak buat audition untuk dia. Kalau tak cukup comel, Papa reject.

Tapi, andai kata kamu dah ada awek(s) comel, then kamu jumpa awek yang lagi-lagi comel dan muda. Please. Please lah jangan tamak. Ambil satu dua awek cukup lah. Yang selebihnya, hukur-hulurkan kan lah kat Papa. Anak Papa, kan? 

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Last night while I was busy scrolling down the fb home page, I saw many posts on irma hasmie's marriage I opened one of the youtube link. The link is her pre-wedding video that was recorded at upm. Hehe, just a couple of month ago I'd been to that exact same spot for festik's photoshoot. But I'm not gonna brag about it =)... actually when I watched her video, I was touched by how they met. She was infront the Kaabah when sudenlly she heard a woman called her name so she looks behind and saw him (her husband now ^^)standing beside a middle age woman, his mother. They both smile politely and lowered their gaze...(at dis point, I was like 'awwwww,sooooo sweeeeetttt'....) Then both of the family start to become close. After they come back to Malaysia, he send a rombongan merisik to her house but then it become their engagement day. (I was smiling and blushing like crazy..! ) Their story was simple yet it's so meaningful and most importantly their heart was united at holy land with His blessing. Here is the pre-wedding video that I talked sure to watch it until end coz u'll be squirming with envy and jelous...hahaha,sincerely wishing them the best marriage life.

this is a couples of their wedding pictures that i downloaded from facebook...